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Thank your RN on National Nurses Day

At CompassX we believe in improving the healthcare and lives of all people in our great nation. Ultimately improved levels of health will fall upon the consumer and patient, but there is no greater conduit of health information than a "nurse". A great R.N. connects, informs, delivers and brings hope to their patients, literally making a difference in our nation everyday.   We would like to thank all of the wonderful R.N.'s, P.A.'s and "nurses" especially on this...

06 - May - 2015

Consumerism Trends Pushes Healthcare Interoperability Forward

Healthcare Interoperability has been chugging along since the late 90s but has not progressed quickly enough by many proponents’ standards. That is until now, with the rise of healthcare consumerism interoperability is being pushed forward at its’ highest speed in years. According to the Institute for Healthcare Consumerism (IHC), health consumerism is defined as: “A movement which advocates patients’ involvement in their own health care decisions. It is a movement from the “doctor...

28 - April - 2015

US Launches 10 Year Program to Track DNA in 1 Million People

President Obama’s Precision Medicine Initiative (PMI) has set forth on its ambitious journey, mapping the DNA of one million volunteers. The potential upside is massive, unlocking key genetic information that could finally turn the battle against many health disorders with more effective, targeted treatments for diseases like cancer and diabetes. The initiative could last more than a decade and cost over a billion dollars. Participants will share their genetic data, biological samples,...

15 - April - 2015

Barron's Reveals Best Health CEOs: All Hail the Chiefs

Is your company lucky enough to employ one of the most respected CEOs in the world? Barron's Magazine released their 11th annual list of top corporate bosses; here I narrow the list to only leaders in the Health and Life Science industry. 1). Joseph Jimenez, Novartis CEO since 2010Annualized Returns While CEO -- 17%Market Value -- $277 billionProfile - A relative rookie in the Life Science world, Jimenez only joined Novartis in 2007. Prior, he ran North American operations for H.J. Heinz,...

26 - March - 2015

More Molecules More Problems--Is the FDA Leaving $4 Trillion on the Table?

Last year I authored this statement, “The FDA has undergone transformations in the past several years in hopes of making it a more efficient regulatory body.” A year later and with the agency’s annual 2014 results published, we see yet more positive trends. Last year the FDA’s Center for Drug Evaluation and Research (CDER) approved 41 new molecular entities and biologics—well above their decade average of 25 approvals. (1) This doesn’t mean the FDA can stop moving forward. In one of...

19 - February - 2015

Drug Discovery Cost Rise 145% — You are Catching a Break

The premier study on drug development costs was released and the results will astonish—costs have increased by 145% in the past decade (1). In 2003 the Tufts Center for the Study of Drug Development released what has become the financial benchmark for comparing drug development costs. In 2003 the average cost was estimated to be $800 million. The new cost--$2.6 billion. But I'll explain below, why consumers are actually getting a great deal on what they pay at the pharmacy for...

24 - January - 2015
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