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Patent Headwinds- Trouble Ahead for Biotech Innovation

Newly issued guidance by the Supreme Court has the potential to re-shape the landscape of biologic drug and product commercialization. Two recent Supreme Court decisions have emboldened the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) to announce that thousands of patents, if reviewed today, would never have been approved.The most recent, 2013 Association for Molecular Pathology. Myriad Genetics Inc., argued that human genes can not be patented because they occur naturally.  2012 Mayo...

31 - July - 2014

Private Health Insurance Exchanges

The Affordable Care Act has excessively publicized the concept of public health insurance exchanges. But most have heard little about Private Health Insurance Exchanges (PHIXs). Private Health Insurance Exchanges (PHIXs) are marketplaces where employees of private companies can purchase their own health insurance in a retail, “Amazon-like”, self-directed fashion. “Health insurance in the U.S. is at the cusp of a major transition from an employer driven payor model to a model directly involving...

30 - June - 2014

Cosmetics: Shopping China’s Beauty Aisle

China has undergone significant transformation in its beauty and personal care industry over the past decade.  Beauty is now big business in China. The country’s cosmetic market is now the third-largest in the world, with $26 billion in sales last year. The market has grown at an annualized 11% rate since 2009.  Foreign cosmetic firms have had to adapt their offerings and marketing strategies to maintain their leadership in an increasingly competitive cosmetic market. The key foreign...

30 - June - 2014

A Targeted Approach: DNA Diagnostics

Targeted drug therapies continue to offer glimpses of breakthrough drug discoveries. Although the ultimate goal is to treat and cure diseases, this same molecular targeting is proving to be superior in diagnosing various medical conditions. Take, for example, Exact Sciences, who recently received an unanimous vote of confidence to have the FDA approve their DNA targeted diagnostic test. The test uses DNA markers to flag the presence of colon cancer. In the one-and-one-half...

31 - May - 2014

April Showers Bring May Mergers

In fact, the acquisition market is at its hottest level since 1999. According to the International Strategy & Investment Group, 131 merger-and-acquisition and other deals, worth more than $1.2 trillion, 'bloomed' since the start of 2014. Amongst the largest announcements in the Health sector this month, Valeant Pharmaceutical's hostile bid for Allergan. Below, I explain why this proposed deal is far from certain and my early predictions. Why the Valeant deal is unlikely to...

30 - April - 2014

Lessons Learned from a Drug Launch - Gilead's Blockbuster Sovaldi

Last month, I mentioned viewing what will be the first of many media spots for Gilead's new Hepatitis C blockbuster drug, Sovaldi. What can you learn from the development, approval and launch of this blockbuster? I predict these three trends will continue gaining momentum within the industry. Partnering through Acquisitions You won't be surprised to hear that the discovery of Sovaldi didn't come directly from Gilead's scientists.  Sovaldi was acquired when Gilead purchased...

31 - March - 2014