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2014 and Lifesaving Blockbuster Releases

Last week, I watched the first, of what will be many, media spots for Gilead's new product, Sovaldi. Sovaldi will potentially become the largest product launch in drug history with expectations to generate $2-3 B in revenue, just in 2014 alone. Gilead's product provides an oral cure for chronic Hepatitis C, a virus that has infected over 3 million people in the United States and 150 million people worldwide.  More people die each year in the United States from CHC than from HIV. I will...

28 - February - 2014

3 Steps to a 300% Increase in Your Listening Skills

The ability to listen, frame, and mirror back key topics of a conversation, are some of the most powerful core skills a business problem solver can posses. In this post, I'll provide you with the template that I use in my meetings, and three steps to achieving a 300% increase in your listening skills.  Step1. Actually Listening (+100%) I wish I could tell you that the physical act of listening is a no-brainer, everyone understands that to really listen...

31 - January - 2014

Calling the CA Real Estate Market

A special update for those living in California and interested in our state's real estate picture. Those of you who know me a little, know I'm passionate about investing.  Stocks, bonds, commodities, real estate...this is my idea of golfing on the weekends. Only a few of you, who know my deepest secrets, know I have man crush on the Newport California based bond company PIMCO.  In short, the company is run by two of the best fixed income minds in the game today, Bill Gross...

30 - June - 2013

Supplements - Big Pharma Flexes Its Muscles

Would you care for some Emergen-C with your Viagra refill? Big Pharma giants Pfizer and GlaxoSmithKline have begun the race into the specialized consumer health care market.  Leveraging what I truly believe to be their greatest strengths: sales and marketing, manufacturing and supply chain logistics. Pfizer which once had an extremely strong line of branded consumer products, under pressure from Wall Street, sold those lines off during the past ten years.  Now they...

04 - June - 2013

Using Consulting Resources Effectively - Pt 2

In our last post we helped categorize your projects.  Today, let's look at the characteristics of external consultancies. Consultancy Types: Big Firms - Bring to bear resources across a broad spectrum of industries, technologies and functional areas.  Can meet the needs of the largest of large inititiatives domestically and globally.   Big firms will primarily focus only on these large initiatives to move their "revenue meters”. Mid Sized Firms - Directly...

19 - May - 2013

Using Consulting Resources Effectively - Part I

You know how it goes...a whiteboard chock full of prioritized strategic initiatives and projects that all need to be implemented this year.  Annual spending budgets may have increased slightly year over year, but certainly not significantly and not keeping pace with business demands. No longer can your internal business customers wait many months for delivered benefits and results.  The Lifesciences compettitive landscape has only become more and more...

30 - April - 2013