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No B.S. Time Management Book Review

Recently I finished reading Dan Kennedy's "No B.S. Time Management for Entrepreneurs, the Ultimate No Holds Barred Kick Butt, Take No Prisoners, Guide to Time Productivy and Sanity".  The title is quite a mouthful, and a bit flashy, but the author's content is worth the read. Since many of my clients and friends are not business owners, I wanted to extract the bits most relevant to both leaders, employees, and business owners. Kennedy takes you through a series of steps on...

23 - April - 2013

Speaking Bureau: Life Sciences’ New Compliance Normal

Life sciences chief compliance officers are not taking many vacations these days.  Regulations are requiring compliance departments to delve progressively deeper into interactions with health care professionals (HCP’s) and health care institutions (HCI’s).  The physician speaking bureau is one such HCP interaction which has come under increased regulatory scrutiny. Speaking Bureau → Training → Programs → Events.  Great compliance programs will ensure “compliance entry...

01 - April - 2013

Virtual Work for the Project Resource

My first position out of college was working for a big consulting firm, I was allowed to work virtually on some Fridays while engaged on out of town projects.  Since then technology has made virtual work even more effective and easy.  Personally I am a big fan of virtual work when it is appropriate.  In fact, often certain phases of a project can require periods of time where work is better performed remotely.  Take for...

10 - March - 2013

What Makes a Good Consultant a Great Consultant?

Last week I met with a number of my clients, while helping them plan for upcoming project work. One of the questions I asked the group was, "What makes a good consultant a great consultant?" By my estimation, my client group represented close to 100 years combined experience working with consultants in all sorts of different capacities. Like an expert sharpshooter, their answers were consistently grouped. A real focus on the customer.  Quick question, which is most...

04 - March - 2013

Strategy Implementation - Planning a Strong Start

Back a couple years (grin), I used to run the sprints.  I was pretty decent, All New England in college, and set a few school records progressing to the Eastern States Championships in high school.  Except for the start, there is not much strategy to the short sprints; gun goes off, run for as fast and long as your body will allow.  Ah...but that start, a race can be won or lost at that start.  Same goes for strategy implementation, a poor start can...

24 - February - 2013

Strategy Execution - The Lost Art

Business can be funny, one moment something is hot, and the next it's gone. Often replacing the tried and true with new, flashy, and easy to use. But is it really built to last? Why have strategy execution failure rates skyrocketed? I believe strategy execution has gradually been eschewed, by the formerly great management consulting firms in favor of strategy creation and increased profits, by corporate executives and their management teams trying to keep pace with the new warp speed of...

17 - February - 2013