Project Leadership by Industry Experts

Project Leadership

Flawless execution of strategic initiatives by consultants who are passionate about Health & Life Sciences.



Program & Project Managers

Work Stream & Functional Team Leads

Business Analysts

Process Efficiencies

Maximizing functional business processes to support changing corporate, regulatory and competitive environments.



Finance, Legal, HR, Compliance, Procurement

Sales & Marketing Operations




Business Readiness

Proactively controlling and directing organizational changes involving employees, customers and partners.



Organizational & HR Effectiveness

Training & Learning Management

Shared Service Center Setups & Process Efficiencies


Project Leadership

  • Flawless execution outperforms headline type strategies -- this is what we believe. 
  • We respect the big strategy firms, heck we often work alongside them, however at the end of the day our clients don't get results with power point decks and position papers.  
  • Hard fought results, perfect project execution on strategically aligned assignments, this is what we do best.
  • Efficient and agile teams who maximize value with minimal team size.
  • Consultants can fulfill multiple key leadership roles simultaneously on each assignment.
  • Deeply experienced in your industry, functional areas and needed skills. Frankly, our consultants are more practiced, seasoned and efficient at helping you solve business challenges.

Process Efficiencies

  • Gathering and documenting large amounts of data — Mainly through first hand client interactions, interviews, workshops, shadowing sessions and data dumps. Ultimately these are all documented using a variety of methods and tools.
  • Prescribe the correct customized solution — Applying knowledge, best practices, technology and common sense learned by years of industry experience, in a unique solution for that particular business and that particular client
  • Continuous incremental improvements through monitored metrics — Gathering and presenting new and hopefully improved data points (business intelligence), then analyzing this new data for trends, tweaks and best in class comparisons.
  • Maximizing functional business processes to support changing corporate, regulatory and competitive environments.
  • Typically "Shared Service" areas are prime opportunities for process efficiencies: Legal, Compliance, Finance, Procurement, Human Resources, Information Services
  • Sales & Marketing Operations drive increased revenue performance. Incrementally improving S&M through process, product, human and technological changes--can result in top line growth.

Organizational Readiness

  • We haven't found a client yet that particularly enjoys change--however it is a necessity of going from good to great.
  • All transformational projects require some degree of change readiness, our first step is to identify what customized adoption levels are better suited for your business.
  • With this in mind we always take a client-project centric view of change management. That is--what is best for each client and each particular project within that client.

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