The CompassX Vision

We are committed to building a first-class technology consultancy focused on project leadership and execution. We are creating an ecosystem of clients and consultants that succeed together. Our high-caliber, locally-resourced team are experts in leading projects for our clients. We believe in building deeper and longer-lasting relationships with our clients. We’re different because we partner with our clients, offer a superior customer experience, and act as an extension of their organizations.

Our Clients

We have provided consulting services to the following companies.

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We are committed to our client relationships. We are focused on delivering positive outcomes, meeting objectives, and creating a superior customer experience on every project.

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Our people are great at what they do. We are leaders and team players. We are self-starters and ready to take on a variety of project team roles.

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We foster a culture of client service and collaboration. Everyone’s voice is heard. We reward effort and results. As such, opportunities for growth and career development abound at CompassX.

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Looking for More?

We help our clients through their most challenging initiatives in regulated industries like Health Care, Life Sciences, and Financial Services.

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