Health Care

Our professionals provide insight, innovation, and practical solutions to help traverse the complex healthcare eco system.

How we can help

Delivering great care to patients means focusing on delivering up to date technology and systems solutions. Consumers routinely choose providers based on web presence and marketing, appointments are made on-line, and the use of telemedicine is on the rise. From developing custom strategies, all the way through leading execution of those strategies, our consultants have the experience and commitment necessary to support this shift in delivery model.

Membership/Patient Acquisition & Retention

  •       Sales & Distribution Channels
  •       Marketing & Product Management
  •       Membership/Patient Retention
  •       Membership/Patient Engagement
  •       Portals (Broker, Member, Patient)
  •       Field Sales Effectiveness

Core Admin & Operations

  •      Clinical Management & Performance
  •      Product Development
  •      Enrollment & Fulfillment
  •      Claims Processing, Billing & Workflow
  •      Customer Service
  •      Provider Network Management & Common Care

New Markets & Technologies

  •      Health Insurance Exchanges (HIXs)
  •      Mobility (Membership, Broker, Provider)
  •      Interoperability of Data Services & EDI Platforms
  •      Patient Health Outcomes “Pay for Performance”
  •      EHR/EMR

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