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The uncertainty of markets and supply chains demand companies to become more flexible and adapt to ever-changing conditions. As a result, adoption of Agile practices rose from 37% to 86% in the last year.1

Too many Agile implementations involve Project Managers forcing a strict Agile ruleset onto an existing workflow; they apply Agile practices as a one-size-fits-all solution. What most don’t realize, however, is that transitioning into an Agile organization requires a lot of expertise, structure, and accountability to shift mindsets and behaviors.

CompassX believes that Agile is both a discipline and a philosophy. Our experience has shown us that every Agile project requires a customized approach based on your teams’ current readiness, processes, and overall business strategy. We can help guide your organization toward a smooth transition that results in a sustainable shift into more effective ways of getting work done.

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Executive Summary
CompassX helps a restaurant conglomerate foray into Agile project execution with a digital loyalty program that reaches millions
Executive Summary
CompassX improved scrum execution for a major fast food chain, enabling a digital product launch that increases digital sales 90%
Executive Summary
CompassX steers a Fortune 500 Restaurant conglomerate toward Agile project management to build a customer engagement data model

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