Don’t Lose Out on Points

The holiday season is here and with it comes the stress of traveling during this hectic time of year. But there is a silver lining! Properly taking advantage of frequent customer programs from your credit cards, hotels, rental cars, and airlines gives you ample opportunities for some truly amazing benefits. With a recent boom in [Read more...]

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Consumerism Trends Pushes Healthcare Interoperability Forward

Healthcare Interoperability has been chugging along since the late 90s but has not progressed quickly enough by many proponents’ standards. That is until now, with the rise of healthcare consumerism interoperability is being pushed forward at its’ highest speed in years. According to the Institute for Healthcare Consumerism (IHC), health [Read more...]

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US Launches 10 Year Program to Track DNA in 1 Million People

President Obama’s Precision Medicine Initiative (PMI) has set forth on its ambitious journey, mapping the DNA of one million volunteers. The potential upside is massive, unlocking key genetic information that could finally turn the battle against many health disorders with more effective, targeted treatments for diseases like cancer and diabetes. The [Read more...]

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Using Consulting Resources Effectively – Part I

You know how it goes...a whiteboard chock full of prioritized strategic initiatives and projects that all need to be implemented this year.  Annual spending budgets may have increased slightly year over year, but certainly not significantly and not keeping pace with business demands. No longer can your internal business customers wait many months for [Read more...]

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