Health Insurers Brace for Supreme Court Ruling

The case, brought by four plaintiffs from Virginia, revolves around four words in the Affordable Care Act: “established by the state.” Critics of the law, including many Republicans who have repeatedly sought to overturn it, have argued that the law is written in such a way that it makes federal tax credits available only to people buying coverage in marketplaces created by the states themselves.  Our prediction--these and similar future legal battles take upwards of...

24 - June - 2015

State of Healthcare: Why Sharing Healthcare Data Will Be Our Industry's Black Swan

Jonathan Bush, CEO and Co-Founder of AethenaHealth shares his vision of upcoming industry changes. Bush says, "Ultimately a tipping point of consumer demand, not an edict from D.C., will be our Black Swan". We couldn't agree more, in fact just last month we published this statement, "With patients now grown accustomed to the world of mobile apps and inter-connectedness to companies from which they purchase products and services, the Health sector is now in the crosshairs of...

10 - June - 2015

Leading content on "The Rise of Drug Discovery Costs" featured in major news outlets

 CompassX's blog content is shared and then picked up by many leading news outlets across the nation. Some of the news agencies where we were quoted: The Boston Globe The Miami Herald The San Jose Mercury News The Sacramento Bee News The Fort Worth Star Telegram   Click here to read the original full article: "Drug Discovery Costs Rise 145% -- You are Catching a Break".

02 - June - 2015

Thank your RN on National Nurses Day

At CompassX we believe in improving the healthcare and lives of all people in our great nation. Ultimately improved levels of health will fall upon the consumer and patient, but there is no greater conduit of health information than a "nurse". A great R.N. connects, informs, delivers and brings hope to their patients, literally making a difference in our nation everyday.   We would like to thank all of the wonderful R.N.'s, P.A.'s and "nurses" especially on this...

06 - May - 2015

Consumerism Trends Pushes Healthcare Interoperability Forward

Healthcare Interoperability has been chugging along since the late 90s but has not progressed quickly enough by many proponents’ standards. That is until now, with the rise of healthcare consumerism interoperability is being pushed forward at its’ highest speed in years. According to the Institute for Healthcare Consumerism (IHC), health consumerism is defined as: “A movement which advocates patients’ involvement in their own health care decisions. It is a movement from the “doctor...

28 - April - 2015

US Launches 10 Year Program to Track DNA in 1 Million People

President Obama’s Precision Medicine Initiative (PMI) has set forth on its ambitious journey, mapping the DNA of one million volunteers. The potential upside is massive, unlocking key genetic information that could finally turn the battle against many health disorders with more effective, targeted treatments for diseases like cancer and diabetes. The initiative could last more than a decade and cost over a billion dollars. Participants will share their genetic data, biological samples,...

15 - April - 2015
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